Soul Communication- The language of Twin Flames

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A Twin Flame relationship is about the soul-connection first and foremost.  Is it possible to transcend from a personality based communication style to primarily soul-based communication with another?  Yes.

For those who want to and are willing to put in the work these connections require, mastering soul communication is essential. 

I’ll share some of the ways my Twin and I communicate on the soul level. For clarity I should mention we communicate on the physical level exceptionally well when we are alone, but we struggle A LOT when we are in a group, or by phone or by text.

At the start of our earthly relationship we hardly knew each other. This is common with many relationships; but I mean we didn’t even know each other’s last names!  It seems important to say that because he and I could finish each other‘s sentences from the start.  With me being psychic some may say it was because I am psychic- but you’d be wrong.  This was different.  For example, if Twin was talking about wanting to buy a boat some day I’d interrupt him & randomly say “oh the red boat”…for all the psychics out there, this wasn’t shown or whispered to me, I didn’t “feel” the color red, that word just came out of my mouth with no basis.  After I said “oh the red boat”… rather than being surprised or shocked or curious that I knew this, he kept talking and said “yes, of course the red boat” (as in duh) and kept talking as though he already knew that I knew the color of the boat.

You know when a person tells you the same story thirty times, each time thinking you’ve never heard it?  You already know what’s coming so if you wanted to you could finish the story yourself? It’s a bit like that, except you have never heard the story and you’re not drawing on any identifiable intuitive senses, you simply blurt out with confidence certain details because your soul knows them!  If your connection reacts like mine, then his or her soul isn’t a bit surprised that you already know things.  I wonder if they stopped for a moment if they would mentally try to figure out how you know- but in my case I believe it’s part of the miracle of the whole thing… that it doesn’t cause him a nanosecond of pause… his soul seems to know “of course Moe already knows that”.

Did that make sense?  I remember him driving me home one time and I was thirsty.  I rarely drink soda- I am a water drinker. It was morning & I would normally want water or coffee or maybe juice.  I could easily have waited until getting home to drink something, but I found the words “I’m thirsty” coming out of my mouth.  I recall thinking “why did I just say that”?  Twin didn’t loose a beat and said “oh- do you want a diet coke”?  He’d never seen me drink soda … but at that very moment my body was craving a diet coke (not Pepsi, but coke) and he just uttered that question if he was literally inside me.  As if he was having my thought for me. 

He denies being psychic, so even if someone were to believe that I can tap into universal information, there is nothing to explain how he does this for me.  My own mother can’t do it.  My ex husband of 13 years could never do that… and here was Twin doing it from the start with zero history that would enable him to know or to predict specific details or preferences about me.

Moving on to the first chapter of separation; I tried to tune into him and could not.  I can usually reach someone energetically, but this time I was shown a steel door.  The door was impenetrable.  They told me he was behind that door. I could neither see him nor feel his energy.  This was before I knew he was my Twin, by the way.  Until then I had never been shielded from tapping into someone- this was new for me and I was flustered.  I realized this meant something; but I didn’t know what. My soul told me to be patient and that information would come in time.   Despite many attempts over a period of weeks I was routinely met by that metal door and unable to pick up on anything happening with Twin. 

In time, the door slowly opened and I saw Twin pacing. My soul was viewing a metaphor of what was happening with him.  Soul communication was used to show me something in a way I would understand.  Ultimately I was shown the ground outside the warehouse and I saw that he’d left.  He wasn’t hiding behind the metal door any longer. 

Shortly after that I had a dream.  I saw a screen that looked like a movie screen but words began scrolling across it– marquee fashion. I realized I was seeing a text but I was seeing it word by word roll across the screen, rather than having the entire message viewable at one time. There were three sentences. This was the kind of dream where you wake up frozen and unable to move. I lay paralyzed reciting the sentences over and over so I wouldn’t forget them. Once I could move I wrote them down in my journal.  The message told me about a specific thing that was on Twin’s mind- it had to do with me.

That afternoon I kept an appointment with a trusted friend- the ONLY person at that time who knew about my connection- I told her about the dream & she made a note of it.  As I left her office around 6 pm that night, Twin texted me.  In other words, after nearly three months of no communication, I dreamt of him communicating with me by text and hours later he actually did reach out to me by text. This was the end of our first cycle of separation (but back then I had no tangible proof we’d ever speak again), so I had a physical reaction like shock. I lost my ability to speak.  I lost my rational mind!  I went running back into my friends office & said “omg omg, he just sent a text. I am shaking!”  She said “ok, take a breath.  Would you like to read it while I am here?”  I said “ok”.  I took a couple more breaths and pressed “read now”.  The text said “Hi”.  I started laughing hysterically- it would seem I had lost it.  My friend kept looking at me like “what is wrong with you”?   When I calmed down enough I explained.  “You see- that is classic Twin texting.  He is notorious for starting with “Hi” and his other favorite one word text had always been “smile”.”  (not the smiley face, but the word itself).  A man of few words at least with texts & it appeared nothing had changed in three months.

After not speaking for all that time I expected a lot more; but he was still himself. 

Breaking the ice with “Hi”.  Even though I was still coming to grips with something like a Twin relationship, I had intuitively figured out this was a soul thing.  So, label or not, I knew not to respond until I was ready.  It was tempting… yes.  But instead of responding I let my body calm down, drove home, took a shower & had something to eat and about 90 minutes after getting his “Hi”.  I let my soul tell me how to respond.  Regular Moe wanted to send a mini-book via text, but this is what my soul encouraged me to send:  “Hi?”  A couple days later we saw each other.

From that text forward the most intriguing thing happened.  Although our cycles of reunion & separation continued, I would “see” the flash of an envelope- the kind that appears on a cell phone when you have a new text.  I would see that image in my mind’s eye a day before he would text. Sometimes he’d text a few hours later, sometimes the next day, but always within 24 hours.  Since our contact was typically weeks apart this was in no way random!  Either my soul or his soul (or our soul) was giving me a head’s up that there would be contact.  It turned out this was fortunate because it gave me a reminder to respond from my soul, not ego.  Being prepared this way was extremely helpful.

Another type of soul communication is that sometimes I am propelled somewhere to view what he is doing in real time. I’m able to see him as if I was in close proximity (perhaps this is what they call remote viewing, I really don’t know).   I am able to see what he is doing and I am told what he is thinking and feeling. I can hear the conversations he’s having with co-workers, etc.   On a few occasions I have found myself able to literally hear him form thoughts.  Similar to reading his mind but not as a psychic would, rather I “become” him for a short period… I hear the thoughts as they enter his consciousness and hear them in real time like he does.  I hear his response to the thoughts.  You could say I am witnessing his internal dialogue. I’ve never asked to do this- in fact I didn’t know such a thing was possible.  At first it seemed like an invasion of privacy and I wasn’t sure why I had been allowed to do it.  Considering I had not asked to do this & it simply happened I believe this was his/my/our soul needing to communicate in a way I could not dismiss.  

While each time is very real to me, one verifiable example is that I was thinking of him one night, wondering what he was doing.  As the thought passed through my mind, I was shown him at a house, he was walking around and entered a bedroom- with a particular kind of bedding & color scheme.  I thought “oh, that’s kind of girly… that can’t possibly be his room.  A month after this “vision” was the first time I went to his house. He had only come to my house before that.  He gave me a tour of the house… when we reached his bedroom there it was.  The specific bedspread I had seen. .. I’ve never told him it was kind of girly- we’ll handle that another day. 

Clairolfaction. While this is a psychic ability I had rarely experienced it and never with Twin. I take a leap to say this is another form of soul-based communication because of the following:

I was lying down to bed for the night. Twin wasn’t even on my mind (shocking, I know). I’ve never asked him what cologne he wears- I’ve never cared. I neither like it nor dislike it, but it’s his smell.  As I lay on the pillow his smell came into my room.  I sat up. It was impossible to ignore.  I’d given him an open invitation to stop by, which he’d never used… I looked around the room & listened to see if I could hear a door opening, or feet in the hallway.  I didn’t have anything in my room that he’d worn… It had been months since he’d been over… I’d taken to going to his house during that period, so I didn’t even have one of his CD’s that could have possibly carried the scent.  There was nothing physically in the room, but there was no mistaking his smell was there.  I spoke to the smell “Hi baby”.  This remains a mystery to me and I’ve never asked him about it.  It had to be (at minimum) his soul wanting me to know he was thinking of me.  I forgot to note it in my journal, so I can’t go back & try to figure out what he was doing at that time.  It had to be a soul-communication of some kind. It has not happened since.

Twin’s deceased grandfather is a different story!  He has come often through smell. While this is not directly Twin’s soul communicating with me, allow me a bit of leeway as I think sometimes other soul’s get involved when they think it’s important.

Papa came to me without invitation last summer. He came to me four or five times during the summer.  Each date, time and event has been noted in my journal.  Each time there was the most horrible odor.  It made me gag. Four times he came to me while I was driving and one time he spoke to me while I was making copies at work (apparently that time the message couldn’t wait).  The smell wasn’t a cigarette, wasn’t a wood fire smell, wasn’t a cigar.  I couldn’t place it, but it was nasty.  Papa supported and encouraged me and someday I will share exactly what he told me… for now I will say that he came by “smell” and offered insight, information and encouragement. All of this happened during our first phase of separation- that 11 weeks I keep talking about. 

When I saw twin after that period it was at a party so there was no time to speak privately.  I caught him alone for a second & asked “did your papa smoke?”  I was going to explain why… he said “Yes. A pipe.”  And then he promptly walked away. His reaction was so strange. I didn’t understand how he could not get wide eyed and ask me how in the world I knew that?

A month later when we were alone I asked him “why did you walk away from me the night I asked you if Papa smoked”?

Twin said “because I’m not sure how I feel about things like that. I wasn’t comfortable talking about it”.  Ah…. Waking up.

The “you’re going to see each other” soul notification.

I don’t have a name for his, but I’ll be going about my life, puttzing around the house for example. This often happens when I am cleaning my bathroom… my soul will tell me that we’ll be seeing each other (and she’ll give me a sense of the timing).  I used to say “oh, that doesn’t seem likely” but after multiple validations of unexpected events indeed causing us to see each other (I’m referring to times when we don’t plan it on our own-but we both end up invited to the same last minute event, etc)… once when we had just seen each other the weekend before my soul said “you’ll probably be seeing him tonight” I thought “doubtful. We usually go three weeks, and always at least two”.  Sure enough I was invited to my brother’s house and it was just supposed to be me.  A last minute invitation.  I had not initiated it.  After being there for a couple hours I heard my brother’s voice on the phone in the other room.  He had invited Twin over.  My brother came into the living room & said “I hope it’s ok, I invited ___… is that ok with you? We don’t really know what your relationship is”.  I sat there in a bit of shock & said “ya. Of course it’s ok”.  That was not a good night for us, by the way, but it was important none the less.  We got to see how each other handled a very stressful situation.  We didn’t go home with each other that night, but as my soul predicted, we did see each other.  Who would have known.  Oh, that would be the souls.

I don’t receive soul communication often through dreams, but it does seem to happen every couple months or so- always when I least expect it.  I’ve had two dreams in the past couple weeks- braking the average.  I’ll share one because it was an interesting twist to how I started this post.  Twin is a texter.  In fact, when we first started seeing each other I didn’t have a texting plan.  I busted people for texting me because it cost me fifteen cents every time somebody did.  Well… I’ll fess up and say that four days after Twin and I got together, he’d texted me so many times that I went out & did what I said I’d never do- I got a texting plan.   I got frustrated for a long time & said “can’t you just call”?  He did, here & there, but he’s a texter so rather than remain pissy about it I learned to accept it.

So… dreams with him texting me information have become normal.  A couple weeks ago there was a twist.  In the dream I heard ‘dialing’.  There was a phone placed up to my ear.  I didn’t know who was being called. When the voice mail greeting came on it was Twin, but it was not his regular greeting.  It was a long greeting that my/his/our soul used as a way to pass me information. 

Have our souls progressed from dream texting to dream voice-mail greetings?

There are other things too private to post without his agreement, stories that verify the soul’s ability to communicate in the most magical ways… yet at the same time this way of communicating is becoming more “real” than anything else. What has been one way of communicating is now the primary way and I suspect it will remain so.  Soul communication transcends everything else and can not possibly be misunderstood. The souls speak the truth and they find ways to get us humans information that we are able to process and understand. 

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  1. Jeannie  November 16, 2012

    This was really helpful for me, Moe, because it indirectly explains many things that have been so confusing for me. My Twin is constantly communicating in weird, indirect and yet incredibly specific ways. For example, I found a rare spider in my garden, the next day, she posts a picture of it on FB. In fact, she’s basically constantly commenting on my life via her FB posts. She will tell me something in spirit form, and then post pictures of it afterwards (not before), so I have evidence, and yet she denies our connection repeatedly. For a long time this drove me crazy…it felt so adolescent (FB drama! Oy vey!). It didn’t fit my idea of how people are supposed to communicate. Now I understand better why this constantly happening. Gracias!


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